Residential Tinting Services in Toronto

Today’s Residential Homes utilize more glass than ever before. With the advent of improved glass construction at a lower cost, the trend towards open floor plans with high ceilings has become the standard of the day.

The problem is that while they are beautiful to look through and create stunning architectural designs, they don’t come without a cost. Windows are notorious energy wasters, allowing both heat and cold in while at the same time permitting the air inside the room to pass back outside.

Residential Window Tinting Benefits

  • Control Fading, Glare & Heat Build-up

  • Conserve energy

  • Provide uniform exterior appearance

  • Provide Comfort

Residential Window Film

Window film is a retro fit application designed to be applied to the interior of the window. Once applied, the film is virtually undetectable and comes in many eye-pleasing colors and levels. At Mr. Tint, our residential tinting services include films that have a unique ability to invisibly control fading, glare and heat build-up. Once applied, the benefits begin immediately. All available films offer UV protection, helping to slow the harmful fading effects of the sun. It also reduces the “white light” known as glare to a comfortable level, helping to significantly reduce eye strain.

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